Alpine Air


We refine our product solely in the Alpine mountain range at 1.000 meters above sea level or higher. All facilities are situated in Germany and Austria and are utilizing our proprietary  filling technology. In these owned and operated facilities  we employ local farmers to collect this invaluable resource for you.


First and foremost we strive to provide everyone with clean air. At the same time we want to offer you a variety of scents, flavors and moods that come with different regions, local vegetation and times of the year.  As with any natural organic product these variations make every Alpine Air canister as individual as a bottle of wine.


Clean air is a natural given in the Alpine region but can be an exclusive and limited resource in your part of the world. We carefully select the locations where we source our raw product and refine it in compliance with ISO 8573.1 standards. Our technology allows us to guarantee a class 1 quality in particles, humidity and oils.